We are the first generation to be able to end poverty and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary-General, United Nations

Climate change has always seemed like an impossible monster to beat. But, in the last month and a half, with almost every country going into lockdown, we have witnessed some significant improvements. The murky canal waters in Venice have cleared up for the first time in ages. Deers have been spotted wandering through typically urban streets in Japan. NASA has announced that Nitrogen Dioxide has fallen dramatically between January and February; the reduction estimated at between 10-30%. There are countless such stories going around about the positive impact isolation has had on the environment. All these improvements are evidence that it is still not too late for humankind to save the planet. Government policies coupled with sensible human lifestyle can help us co-exist with other forms of life without murdering the planet. It’s easier said than done, but we have now reached a point where we simply have no other choice if we wish to survive as a species. Scientists argue that sooner rather than later we’ll reach a point where the damage we’ve caused to the environment will be irreversible. Granted that the real troublemakers are the big corporates, but as members of the society, each one of us have a role to play. We can save our planet if we really want to. Demanding climate change action and change in Government policies while also refusing to buy products from companies that hurt the environment for starters can go a long way in helping our planet recover. Refusing to use plastics and other non-recyclable products can help as well. It is important that we speak now because this is our only home, there is nowhere else we can go and if we don’t speak out now, we won’t survive for long.

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  1. The lockdown has shown us that climate change is reversible. If we wish, we can do it and we need to do it for the sake of our future generation.

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