What’s worse than being in a physical jail?

Being in a mental one.

Mental illness is so often associated with weakness. A person suffering from any type of mental illness is said to be weak. He/she is often asked to “get over it”, “stop whining” or “be stronger”. But what if I told you that someone suffering from any form of mental illness is mentally stronger than an average person? Kid you not, it’s not easy to fight your own thoughts all day every day. But they still do it. If they were indeed weak, they would have given up, rather than continuing to fight each day. They wake up every morning knowing their worst enemy is their own mind and they still refuse to give in. If that isn’t being strong, I don’t know what is.

Everyone’s going through things we know nothing about, everyone has their reasons for being the way they’re. The least we can do as a society is to be kind and supportive. Spreading hate takes a lot more effort than spreading love and kindness.

Mental illness is a form of illness and not weakness. It needs treatment, therapy and a lot of help. Simply asking someone to get over it is not going to help. Yes, kindness and love aren’t exactly the professional treatment for mental illness either, but it goes a long way in helping the person suffering. The last thing they want is to be pressurized to change. Let them take their time, we all function differently and have our own internal clock. What they need is your love and support, not your opinion. It’s easy to judge someone, but it’s not easy to live their life.

The crisis we are in today makes it even harder for them to receive treatment or help. They’re locked down with their own thoughts with no way to get out. The best they can do right now is talk to their friends/family and the person they choose to talk to could be you. What they want from you is not your opinion or your advice, what they really want is your understanding and support. Your kindness and understanding could help save a life.


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