Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves but not everyone is lucky enough to be granted that wish without having to work hard for it. For some, their worst enemy is their mind. They are warriors who fight silent battles against the monsters inside them all day, every day.
Working on yourself is easier said than done. There are days you wish to give up and give in to the darkness that is slowly consuming you and then there are days that you refuse to give up and continue to fight on. Ultimately, your desperation to succeed and your will power is what’s going to help you win the battle. You’ll have to hit the rock bottom and then climb up step by step, refusing to give up and determined to give birth to a better version of yourself.
Make no mistake, once you’re determined to change your life for the better, things do start getting better. How you do it, depends on you and what suits your style. But, the first step is learning to accept your imperfections. As human beings, none of us is perfect. We have our drawbacks and we have our weaknesses. But that’s what makes us human and you must accept it. Your imperfections do not make you any less good, they are simply ways of confirming that you’re indeed a human being.
Once you accept your imperfections, things get easier because you don’t expect yourself to be perfect and you go easy on yourself. You accept the mistakes you make and rather than sulking over them, you try to work on them. Your life gets better and more peaceful when you accept who you are and that you’ll make mistakes.
It’s equally important that you treat yourself with respect and ensure that no one disrespects you. Being kind and selfless is noble, but it’s necessary to have your boundaries and principles that you don’t let anyone mess with. These boundaries and principles will go a long way in helping you understand yourself as a person and in ensuring that you do not let anyone, including you, mistreat you. This is an important part of self-love.
Accepting yourself, your imperfections and having your boundaries, principles are a great way to start working on yourself. Once you are through this stage, you notice the change in your mindset, you start sensing the change inside you and how you are growing as a person. It’s a long road to recovery, you’ll have to be extremely determined to succeed, but the result is always worth it.


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