Who am I? A question with 3 simple words and the key to unlocking the door of a peaceful, satisfactory and content life.
But not everyone is lucky enough to find the answer to this question and that’s because it’s not an easy question to answer. How many of us can talk about ourselves for 2 minutes on the spot without any thinking time? To truly answer the question, one needs to be self-aware, do a lot of self-evaluation and confront their own self. We are the choices we make and that’s why it’s important to make the right choices. To make the right choices, you need the right values and principles in life. To bring out the real you, ask yourself what your values and principles in life are. Having a good set of values and principles sets the tone for identifying oneself. Not a lot of us sets good values for ourselves and that’s why we are not content and struggle to create our own identity. Your values and principles define who you are.
Sadly, a lot of us think we’re our failures. We forget our values, we forget our successes, our talents etc etc and then judge ourselves based on our mistakes. Being your own critic is good but being blinded by your failures is not. As human beings, all of us make mistakes. You will make mistakes as long as you’re alive and you will fail. Life will beat you down but that’s not what defines you as a person. Here’s an interesting story that I read recently. When Pete Best was kicked out of the band Beatles in 1962, he fell into depression and thought his life was done. He even tried to kill himself. However, today, he claims that being kicked out of the Beatles was the best thing that’s happened in his life. He met his wife and realized that having a beautiful family was worth more than the fame he could have got from being a member of the Beatles. The point here is that your failure is an opportunity for you to restart and doesn’t mean the end of the world. It’s important to not let your failures get into your head and ruin your life. Learn from your mistakes and move on to better things in life. Ultimately as the saying goes “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, what defines you as a person is how many times you get back up”. With a strong core of values and principles along with the never give up attitude you will be able to answer the question of who you are.
When you finally answer the question, your life will get better. You become more self-assured, self-confident and the opinions of others about you won’t bother you as much. You know who you are and you’re happy being you. You become comfortable in your skin and proud of yourself. You also no longer compare yourself with others and rather focus on improving yourself. The secret to leading the life you want lies behind those 3 words.


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