None of us wants to be wrong. We believe that we are never wrong and then even if proven otherwise, our egos do not let us accept the truth. We, as human beings are obsessed with always being right no matter what the cost. We are ready to put relationships on line, our careers on line, just to feel that we are right. But what if I told you that being wrong is right?

There is absolutely no way you are going to grow if you do not accept the fact that you’re wrong. You’re wrong, I am wrong, we are all wrong. Almost always. What you think about yourself is the image your brain has built for you. It’s not the truth and that’s how most things in life are. You are tricked into believing that you’re right by your brain and that’s why it’s important to let go off your ego and accept that you’re wrong. The more you accept that you’re wrong, the more you learn. We are always learning, every second, every minute. We learn something new or a get different perspective of what we already knew. Your ego will stop you from growing but the right attitude will push you forward.

What’s wrong in being wrong though? Every time you’re wrong, you learn something new. Every time you’re wrong, you grow as a person. Being wrong has more benefits than being right. If you spend your life searching for the right answers, you’ll search for your whole life and remain unhappy. This is because, as I said, there is no right answer. Instead, if you change your mindset and start identifying the things that you’re wrong about, you learn and become less wrong with every passing moment.

Rather than being 100% confident in your beliefs, ideologies, values, feelings and so on, question them. Question them every day so that you learn more about yourself and why you’re the way you’re and then contemplate if there’s anything you’d like to change. Trust me, once you start doing this, you’ll realise that you were never right and your values, beliefs and ideologies will constantly change. You still will never be right; you’ll just be a little less wrong. Be wrong and never stop being wrong.


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