All Lives Matter believers do not seem to understand why Black Lives Matter protestors are furious at them. We’re not here just because of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, or Breonna Taylor. We’re here because of the oppression black and indigenous people have faced for centuries. Sure, all of us are prone to being victims of racism despite our color. Black, White, Brown, Yellow; all of us are prone to racism but none of us have the history that black people do. None of us were slaves for centuries or are actively hunted down and shot by cops and white supremacists. We might come across an asshole every now and then who makes us feel unwelcomed but that’s not the same as this. COVID scares us from stepping out of our houses for a couple of months while the fear of being shot to death has been scaring an entire race from stepping out of their houses for centuries. That’s why we’re fighting. We’re fighting to provide a safe world for them and for all of us. A world where there is love and peace. All lives do matter, but all lives can’t matter until black and indigenous lives are treated as equals.

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